Talk Form: Using Siri to fill in electronic forms

I’m a bit excited and a bit concerned sharing my little experiment with the world for the first time. Trying and experimenting new technologies and ways to do things (not just IT) was always my favourite way to learn. This little experiment or “pet project” is the first one I’m sharing with everyone else.

This idea posed up in my head two weeks ago, it’s called Talk Form 2 since the first version had issues with the flow control and it was easier to start new, so formally this version is 2-4 days work, not including half a day to make this video –

Working out this experiment I reconfirmed my Python skills, leaned how to work with flask, created my first Siri shortcuts application and as a bonus I got to experience recording myself on video and using iVideo for editing (super easy).

I’d love to know what you think!