Networking breakfast with Leanne Kemp, Qld’s Chief Entrepreneur

Leanne Kemp 👏👏👏 

Last Friday (30/8/19) I attended Networking breakfast with Leanne Kemp, Qld’s Chief Entrepreneur. It’s the first time I’m attending a local government networking event and I must say it was very interesting and well worth the time.

The event started by a short speech by Mayor Karen Williams. She introduced her futuristic vision for Redland including the driverless bus trial going to start soon.

The main speaker, Queensland ’s Chief Entrepreneur Leanne Kemp spoke about the local government vision for Redland. I learned that $600M out of $750M budget was invested in entrepreneurial initiatives. There is a lot of faith in SMB to come up with great new ideas. The general intention is to create sustainable eco-systems which will eventually boost the economy and the business opportunities in this region.  Out of the many subjects mentioned, environmental issues mentioned on several occasions, showing great intention and efforts to solve the big issues and leaving a better world for the future generation. 

On a personal level, I was impressed with her ethics, leadership, and charisma